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Mission Viejo Homes Real Estate

Mission Viejo is a large city, with a population of approximately 100,000. It is known for its success as one of the first and largest master-planned communities in the country. One of the last regions of Orange County to be developed, Mission Viejo is a modern oasis in a county filled with rich history. 


Mission Viejo is home to a large upscale shopping mall, with shops including Pottery Barn, Apple, Lush Cosmetics, and Nordstrom. The mall also have various large chain restaurants such as The Cheesecake Factory, Islands Burgers, and P.F. Chang’s. 


Mission Viejo’s close proximity to Irvine allows it to be the perfect home for those working in the area. Additionally, Mission Viejo’s location in Orange County gives residents easy access to all of Orange County’s beaches. 


Mission Viejo has 13 elementary schools, 4 middle schools and six high schools. Mission Viejo is also home to Saddleback College, a popular community college.